Middle Sea Race 2017

​22 ottobre


All sailors whether they be racers or cruisers know that the most challenging ‘Offshore Races’ of over 600 nm are the Rolex Fastnet Race, the Rolex Sydney - Hobart Race, Rolex Newport-Bermuda and the Rolex Middle Sea Race as a "must do" race.

The Rolex Middle Sea Race is often called the world's most beautiful yacht race. The circular course evokes strong emotions within every sailor who experiences its charms. Imagery and stories abounding from the scenery, wildlife and conditions encountered.

The Middle Sea Race takes place every year in mid-October. Due to the time of the year, the weather is erratic with thermal invasions over the Mediterranean Sea area. The waters are still warm and with the first cold winds causing a ‘rift’ in the anticyclonic system depression produces, at times, severe wind strengths and sea conditions.

The 608 mile race starts from the famous Grand Harbour of Valletta in Malta. The canons of the Saluting Battery, high above the water, adding to the pageantry afloat as flame, smoke and noise signal indicate the start of the race. 

So starts the passage for the initial part of the race, the anticlockwise route around Sicily. Sailing past the Maltese coast, keeping a good look out for the other 100 plus boats, of over 25 countries and as many as 125 nationalities, who are also sailing tactically to get into a good position for crossing the Straits of Sicily and into the Straits Of Messina with its infamous currents.

Once past Messina, the small island of Strombolicchio, is used as a course marker. On board we also know that is a third of the race completed. But there is still another 400 miles to complete with its sunrises, sunsets, wind shifts and various weather days to come. This stretch of water, off northern Sicily, is where gaining or losing your position in the standings is determined.

The island of Favignana, the halfway point of the race on the western coast of Sicily is another waypoint in this race.

Changing direction to the islands of Pantelleria and Lampedusa is then real offshore sailing. Lampedusa is the most southern point of the race, off the coast of Tunisia.

The last hundred miles that remain to complete northwards to Malta are strangely the lightest. The Comino Channel, with its star filled nights, is a brief breath of beauty amongst all the tacking, reefing and sail changes.

But there is still a lot of work before we approach the entrance of Manoel Island, Malta and hear the finishing line horn that tells us we have completed the race, sailed 608+ miles. With the biggest smiles we can say….. we did it…the ROLEX MIDDLE SEA RACE.

This is a race with a rich history, a race that consumes every ounce of energy and every effort for each team member in order to get a good result:

So, are you going to join us to experience this wonderful race? When was the last time you really pushed yourself out of your comfort zone?  So come along and participate of a thrill of a life time.




· Minimum age 18

· Level of experience: Experienced in day and night sailing either cruising or in a regatta. (Please send your Sailing CV)

· Experience level 3 courses in 2016, 2017, and J.S. Cyclops Routes & Regatta with J.S.A. 2017

· Skills level 1 course J.S.A. 2 H 24 and OFFSHORE races J.S.A. 2017

Please note that places are limited and interest exceeds availability to join us as crew for the ROLEX Middle Sea Race and with much more experience than described above. Crew  are chosen to ensure safety on board at all times and ultimately a good result.

(For this who attended the J.S.A.'s STEP will have a fast track towards the experience level required).


For the crew who only complete the passage to and from Malta - Pre race training days. There is a possibility of sleeping onboard for the first six members.

During the race training and race days itself, we would advise booking a local hotel.

Training and race days of the ROLEX Middle Sea Race, the race crew will be able to sleep on board. Post race up to 6 persons.

Rolex race week SCHEDULE:

Monday. 16.10.2017.

Welcome to Malta. Team introduction meeting and dinner at the Royal Malta Yacht Club

Tuesday. 17.10.2017.        

Day 1. Training. Team briefing and yacht familiarisation

Wednesday. 18.10.2017.  

Day 2. Training sail. Sailing 20 to 40 miles in the coastal waters of Malta and Gozo is an ideal training opportunity for us before the actual race itself.

The day will end with a debriefing to all the team.

Thursday and Friday 19 & 20.10.2017

Days 3 and 4. Training days.  Putting everything into practice everything we have experienced and discussed as crew.

Saturday 21.10.2017

Rolex Middle Sea Race. We are expecting to complete the 600-mile race in 4 days, all dependent on weather and sea conditions.

Saturday 28.10.2017 

Rolex Middle Sea Race Prize giving

Rolex Crew once having return from the race can depart to return home once the boat is in order, or stay in Malta for the awards. Those who are planning to return home we would recommend that you book the flight earliest Friday.


·         Full use of the yacht by following the rules of common sense

·         Experienced Skipper and First Mate.

·         Lunch, snacks and drinks on board for training days

·         All meals on board for the Middle Sea Race

·         Race entry fees and expenses - Calor gas, diesel / fuel etc.

·         Crew uniform (Junoplano shirt and T-shirt)


· Personal Locator beacons (PLB) – (€50.00 on-board hire available)

· Life jacket, safety line, strobe light. (€15.00 on-board hire available.)

· Wet Weather high visibility waterproofs. (€50.00 on-board hire           available.)

· High visibility Nightlight/headlamp with red and white light. (€10.00   on-board hire available, if your deemed unsuitable.)

· Non marking deck shoes, sailing waterproof boots.

· Personal travel and hotel expenses for the duration of the event.

· Meals, beverages and snacks consumed off the boat. Extra to that given by the Race organisation.


If you wish to participate in the J.S.A Rolex Middle Sea Race.

We would advise that you contact us to discuss your experience with our Principal.

Please contact us at

Telephone :+39 339 2980293


COST: 1500,00 EURO

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